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Upcoming Events

Internal Family Systems at Work
2 hour Introduction Course

20th April, 5-7pm CET - on Zoom

Join us to learn how IFS can help you increase the awareness of your inner and interpersonal parts, and how polarisations can improve individual and collective effectiveness and wellbeing.


You don’t need previous understanding of IFS, but if you are already familiar with IFS this  session will give you a deeper understanding of how to apply it in the work context.

Patterns for Self-organising Teams
6 weeks Deep Dive Course

TBC 2023

A comprehensive 6-week program with self-paced video content + 2 online meetings per week for practices and discussion.

This program looks at all the different aspects required for self-organising teams to thrive e.g. decision making, task allocation, conflict resolution, power dynamics, care systems, etc.

Content is delivered in short video lectures, case studies, exercises, team practices and extra resources. Live calls to connect with other learners and gain insights outside your immediate context.

Introduction: Navigating Conflict at Work
2 hour Introduction Course

2 May, 9-11am OR 5-7pm CET - on Zoom

Learning to navigate conflict is one of the most essential survival skills for humanity in the 21st century, and particularly for effectiveness in the workplace.


This event is for anyone interested in a solid overview and basic skills for navigating conflict in a work setting, regardless of their role.

Foundation: Navigating Conflict at Work
2 weeks Foundation Course

23 May-1 June, Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30-7pm CET

on Zoom

Well-navigated conflict can be remarkably generative, supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in profound leaps in development, creativity, and insight.

This  course will offer fundamental frameworks and some skill building for consciously navigating conflict. In addition, you will learn design principles for creating a conflict facilitation system customised for your organisational context.

Introduction: Understanding Change
2 hour Introduction Course

27 April, 9-11am OR 3-5pm CET - on Zoom

How might we design transformative organisations that can enrich the lives of those we serve?

To design for impact and transformation, we need to know the journey of change of the different stakeholders that we are serving.

Foundation: Designing Change
2 weeks Foundation Course

8-17th May, (Mondays & Wednesdays) 5-6:30pm CET

How might we intentionally design for change that benefits those we serve? 

In this course, we will break down different components of the change process starting with “who” we are serving. This enables us to design change that is relevant to who we intend it for. 

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