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Patterns for Self-organising Teams
Cohort-based Online Course

TBC 2023

A comprehensive 6-week program with self-paced video content + 2 online meetings per week for practices and discussion.

This program looks at all the different aspects required for self-organising teams to thrive e.g. decision making, task allocation, conflict resolution, power dynamics, care systems, etc.

Content is delivered in short video lectures, case studies, exercises, team practices and extra resources. Live calls to connect with other learners and gain insights outside your immediate context.

Microsolidarity Gathering
Residential Training

Oct 26-29, Denver CO, USA

Microsolidarity is a methodology for community building, where we focus on peer-to-peer support and mutual aid.

This gathering is an opportunity to learn a lot of practical skills, find deep personal insights, and connect with a truly inspiring network of community builders.

Patterns for Self-organising Teams
2 day training - Denver, CO

December 2nd & 3rd, 2022

In this 2-day intensive training, we’ll introduce tools & practices for each of these 10 patterns. You will leave with a much clearer understanding of your team challenges, and a plan for how you can implement new practices that have been tested and proven in other teams.

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