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Rich Bartlett
He's enthusiastic about co-ownership, self-governance and building relationships of partnership instead of domination to create collaborative workplaces.
Cofounder of  The Hum and the Loomio coop, and Director of the Enspiral Foundation. 
He has a unique way of seeing patterns and speaking about complexity in simple words. 
Nati Lombardo
Born in Argentina, now based in Europe. Her background is in community development, permaculture and creative activism.
She has more than a decade of experience working in self-organising teams. As a facilitator, coach and consultant, she helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through behavioral change and peer-to-peer support.

She is a co-founder of The Hum, and member of the Enspiral network.


Who We Are

There's a way of working together where everyone is supported to grow, teams are self-organising, and purpose is the organisational priority. Learning how to work in this way is not easy, it requires us to change. Everyone at The Hum has years of experience working inside collaborative, purposeful and participatory organisations. 

Read more about each of us bellow.

Sean is brought into his work through the potential of dialogue and unearthing ways of organizing that support connection, learning, and action. He designs, hosts, and facilitates transformative conflict, action-inquiry, collaborative governance and nature-based processes that are in service of people working on their most complex insidious questions. 


He takes a relational and principles-based approach, centering living change through deciding what’s the next graceful step to seed the future we yearn to work, play and live into.

Sean Andrew

She is curious about the transformational potential of communities grounded in a culture of trust and compassion.
Her experience lies in supporting groups to deepen their capacity for personal and collective transformation in service of a world that works for all. She holds a deep faith in life’s impulse towards connection, belonging and becoming.
She is also a mediator and personal coach trained in Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems, and Steward of the Cultural Catalyst Network

Jocelyn Ames

With more than 20 years experience working with charities and governmental departments, she has witnessed a variety of organisational dysfunction. She believes that by improving the experience of work, we can have a positive impact on society and the environment. 
She is an experienced service design consultant, coach and facilitator, supporting people to bring more humanity to their workplace. 

Helen Triggs
Lana Jelenjev
Lana is a Filipina, now based in the Netherlands, who designs spaces for “KAPWA” (shared inner selves) to flourish. She guides founders, community leaders and changemakers in re-imagining, designing and facilitating spaces for belonging, liberation and healing. 

Lana is the chairperson of the Neurodiversity Foundation, and co-founders of Community Rituals and Neurodiversity Education Academy
He is passionate about supporting people and groups to thrive, fulfil their highest potential, and contribute to the well-being of all life. Specialising in inner development, culture building, and conflict facilitation, he has over 25 years experience facilitating personal and collective transformation worldwide.
He is a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer, and is trained in Internal Family Systems and conflict mediation. He also founded the Cultural Catalyst Network.
Karl Steyaert
Esra Tat
She is passionate about how humans collaborate and convinced that collective work creates good.

She has extensive experience working with NGOs and movements. She helps groups implement open governance and collaborative approaches.

Associate Director of Zero Waste Europe, Enspiral contributor, and Alumni OuiShare Connector.
He believes in the world changing power of collaboration. He brings creative system thinking and playfulness to help teams align the way that collaborate with their highest purpose.
His lived experience spans over a decade working intimately within purpose driven activist, educational, and entrepreneurial organisations.

Drew lives in Denver, CO where he rides bikes and does hand poked tattoos.
Drew Hornbein
Gui Trevisan

She is curious about
experimenting, rethinking and
finding more joyful and meaningful ways to be and work together. She has been learning
collaboration and co-creation
throughout her life. She is passionate about helping groups in different environments .

She co-founded The Village Free
School; built and lived in multiple
intentional co-living projects and
permaculture based ecovillages
around the world .


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