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You will find practical guidance on how your team can share leadership, distribute decision-making, stay aligned on priorities, deal with conflict, and create a thriving culture that cares for everyone. You will immediately get a much clearer understanding of your team challenges, and benefit from team practices that have been tested and proven in other workplaces.


Learning Outcomes

Decision Making

Access collective intelligence with efficient methods for inclusive decision-making

Conflict & Feedback

Develop interpersonal skills to be more confident to hold difficult conversations

Mutual Care & Growth

Create a psychologically safe culture where everyone feels cared for

Rhythms & Priorities

Stay aligned on priorities and distribute tasks between team members

Continuous Improvement

Get the habit of consistent & intentional learning in individuals and teams

Power Dynamics

Understand how to navigate the complex status dynamics that emerge in all groups


Course Details

Access the content at any time and follow it at your own pace. Our full course material includes video lessons + case studies + exercises to integrate the lessons + team practices & links to curated resources for your team to go deeper on each topic. You get:​

  • 23 video lessons explaining how to respond to the most pressing challenges of decentralised organising.

  • 30 Exercises & practices you can use to integrate the lessons in your organisation.

  • 45 links to curated resources & case studies for you to dive deep into the topics.

  • Unlimited access so you can review the lessons any time.


Together, we’ve established our own self-managing workplaces, and we’ve shared our knowledge with thousands of people in training workshops in 20+ countries around the world.

Patterns for Self-organising Teams

Your Guides

Course Content


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