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Many of us have lots of experience working with colleagues or partners who have different priorities or ways of working than ourselves. We recognise the inherent friction and blind spots that emerge within collaborative teams. The focus is on creating language and awareness around these differences and sharing how we can build on cultural differences to enrich our collective work.

Cultural differences are linked to our passport country, and upbringing but also our large group affiliations like gender and generation and our experiences from different subgroups which represent our interests e.g. our profession, education, or life philosophies. As we are ambitious about evolving our ways of collaborating, it becomes imperative to harness the different work styles present within ourselves and our colleagues. 

During the 2-week workshop, we will explore ways in which a team can create a shared culture together while honouring individual backgrounds and experiences. We will discuss what challenges the mix of work preferences brings to teamwork and what each of us can do to support or lead collaborative synergies in that mix. There will be time for sharing experiences and reflections, and each session will include harvesting ideas as a group.

What you will learn

  • Understanding cultural differences linked to upbringing and subgroup affiliations

  • Building awareness and language around cultural differences

  • Exploring ways to create a shared team culture while honouring individual backgrounds and experiences

  • Discussing challenges arising from mix of work preferences in teamwork

  • Harvesting ideas as a group to enhance collaboration

What will be explored?

Our workshop will dive into these areas:

Session #1: Sync as a Team

Collaboratively create agreements integrating diverse team dynamics. Discuss questions: How can we foster a shared third culture? What stereotypes exist about others' styles or cultures? How do we perceive colleagues with opposing preferences? 

Session #2: Culture Mapping

We'll examine how cultural dimensions influence our approach to solo and collaborative tasks. Participants will engage in Culture Mapping, reflecting on their position on key cultural dimensions. How do you maintain authenticity while embracing diverse perspectives?

Session #3: Authentic Collaboration

Share experiences working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Discuss challenges in aligning preferences and balancing personal authenticity with embracing others' perspectives. Harvest inclusive techniques inviting colleagues' autonomy and agency.


Session #4: Peer Coaching

Extend workshop discussions to address individual challenges. Participants will coach each other in trios, identifying techniques for navigating cultural differences. Conclude with a compiled list of strategies for a harmonious team environment.

What you’ll get

  • 🙌 Hands-on Learning: in a participatory context with interactive exercises — this is far from your average lecture series

  • 🤓 Real-World Wisdom: we bring inside tips and advice from our own experience

  • 🛠️ Practical Tools and Guides: You’ll be able to bring these methods and practices directly into your teamwork

  • 🤝 Peer Support: Bounce ideas, share concerns, and co-create solutions

Who is this for? 

This course is for anyone working in a collaborative team who’s ready to learn how to get a better understanding of our cultural differences and work styles. Explore ways to harmonise diverse perspectives in our collaborative efforts. And if you’re a coach or a mentor, this course will show you how to bring out the best in your teams.

Spaces are limited, so book now to guarantee your place.

Your Guide

Line Mørkbak

Line is a Workplace Enthusiast and Facilitator of Collaboration based in Portland, OR. Navigating different cultural worlds is a red thread throughout Line’s personal and professional life including living in Greenland, Denmark, the UK, Spain, and the US. Line is a curious soul who lives and breathes techniques and team approaches that empower collaboration and is especially intrigued when that collaboration is between global colleagues in a remote or hybrid setting. She is a passionate Open Space facilitator and naturally draws on co-creation techniques for teams to deepen and move their work forward.


We will meet for 4x 90min calls on Zoom, at 5:30-7pm CET on:

  • Monday April 15th 

  • Wednesday April 17th

  • Monday April 22nd

  • Wednesday April 24th


To make this workshop more accessible we have a tiered ticket pricing of €180/ €220/ €260. We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your financial circumstances. 

We provide part and full scholarships for people working on social impact projects. If you would like to apply please fill in this form, and we will be in touch.

Cultural Synergy -
Using our differences as a resource

Your Guides

Course Content


If you have any other questions, please get in touch. We’ll love to hear from you :)










4 Live Sessions, starting Apr 15, 3:30 PM UTC


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