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Fight Wise is an online course about developing courage in your relationships. It will help you stand up for yourself, skillfully navigate conflicts, and ask for what you want. This is not about aggression or domination, but appropriate assertiveness. 

Courage is a global improvement to your life, helping you to earn the respect of the people around you, increase your self-respect, clarify your desires and boundaries, and develop the agency to shape your reality. 

Taught by coaches Rich Bartlett and Gabe Broussard, the course has four core components:

  1. Expanding awareness of your automatic responses to conflict

  2. Learning to regulate your nervous system 

  3. Uncovering harmful beliefs that keep you trapped in patterns of fawning and surrender

  4. Shifting your relationship framework from domination and submission to skilfulness and partnership

How it works

The course is practice-driven rather than theoretical. You’ll spend most of the time roleplaying, working through various interpersonal scenarios together with other participants. 

You will be able to choose your own level of intensity: the roleplay scenarios should be “real enough” to get you out of your comfort zone, without being overwhelmingly intense. This is what we call the “stretch zone”: it’s safe, but not entirely comfortable, so you’ll have numerous opportunities to observe yourself under stress, and practise different ways of showing up.

Through personal and collective reflection, you’ll increase your self-awareness, gain a better understanding of your automatic responses, and learn how to be more skillful in relationships. With feedback from peers & coaches, you’ll build a model of what it means to be appropriately assertive, on your own terms.

Join us if you want to

  • Practise your nervous system regulation, and notice how a dysregulated nervous system gets in the way of healthy relationships.

  • Increase the space between stimulus and response, so you can choose a more skillful option when you get triggered.

  • Practise working through difficult interpersonal situations by roleplaying real life scenarios with peers & coaches.

  • Learn about the internalised limiting beliefs that keep you from being effective and standing up for yourself.

  • Reflect and build your own principles of skillful disagreeability.

  • Design your own homework to learn at the rate that’s right for you.

Dates, Times & Tickets

We’ll meet for 4x 90 minute practice sessions, spread over two weeks. We meet at 9am Pacific Time / 6pm Central Europe, on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • Tuesday, June 4

  • Thursday, June 6

  • Tuesday, June 11

  • Thursday, June 13

Tickets are $200, with scholarships available (apply here).

About your coaches

Gabe Broussard aka @VividVoid_

Gabe has spent a lifetime honing his conflict skills, as a Marine, a startup founder, and a martial artist for 16 years. He has since become a peaceful warrior, studying Zen, working as a counselor and poasting about spirituality on Twitter.

Richard D. Bartlett aka @RichDecibels

Rich gained his PhD in Disagreeability after being excommunicated from the fundamentalist Christian community of his birth. These days he works with collaborative leaders to build non-hierarchical organisations based on relationships of partnership rather than domination.

Fight Wise: Find Your Backbone

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If you have any other questions, please get in touch. We’ll love to hear from you :)










4 Live Sessions, starting Jun 4, 4:00 PM UTC


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