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Many of us have lots of experience working with colleagues or partners who have different priorities or preferred ways of working than ourselves, but are we aware and skilled enough to build on those differences to enrich our collective work? In this 60-minute session, we want to dive into the richness diversity brings to our work and take a close look at ways we can build a collaborative environment while embracing and honoring individual backgrounds and experiences.

The aim of our discussion is to get a better understanding of our own cultural preferences and explore ways to harmonize diverse perspectives in our collaborative efforts. Our session will focus on three elements:

  • Culture Mapping:

We will explore the impact of cultural dimensions on how we approach solo tasks and collaborative projects. And give all participants an opportunity to do a bit of Culture Mapping, reflecting on where they themselves fall on central cultural dimensions. 

  • Authentic Collaboration:

Give space for sharing of experiences working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Discuss challenges faced when aligning diverse preferences. How do you balance staying true to your background while embracing others' perspectives?

  • Harvesting Techniques:

Collectively identify effective techniques for navigating cultural differences and wrap up with a compiled list of strategies to create a harmonious and productive team environment.

This session is free to attend but spaces are limited, please RSVP now to guarantee your place.

Hosted by Line Mørkbak

Line is a Facilitator of Collaboration based in Portland, OR. Navigating different cultural worlds is a red thread throughout Line’s personal and professional life including living in Greenland, Denmark, the UK, Spain, and the US. Line is a curious soul who lives and breathes techniques and team approaches that empower collaboration and is especially intrigued when that collaboration is between global colleagues in a remote or hybrid setting. She is a passionate Open Space facilitator and naturally draws on co-creation techniques for teams to deepen and move their work forward.

Collaborative Work Across Cultures

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If you have any other questions, please get in touch. We’ll love to hear from you :)

Live Session: Jan 23, 5:00 PM UTC


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