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If you're here, then you're probably striving to build something meaningful with your team, and trying to do it in a collaborative way. But sometimes the interpersonal stuff gets in the way, right? if tensions build up… if trust is breaking down... if you’re dealing with awkward silences... if there’s backroom gossip going on and on... those are all signs that your interpersonal communication needs some attention. If you're done tiptoeing around the elephant in the room, then it’s time to build a Feedback Culture that works.

Feedback isn't about telling people what to do, and it’s not a venting session, either. It's your golden ticket to a more efficient, happier team. Although you may have heard the phrase "Feedback is a gift." But let's be real; some feedback feels more like a pair of socks from grandma rather than a shiny new phone. So, how do we make sure that our feedback culture doesn't just exist, but actually thrives?

If you are ready to turn feedback from a dreaded word, into the secret ingredient to your team’s superpowers. This course is for you.

Why This Course?

Remember that time when you had to have a “difficult conversation” with a team member? Your palms were sweaty, heart racing, yet you didn’t know how to initiate the dialogue without sounding like you're reading a script for a courtroom drama. We’re going to help you approach these conversations with confidence and ease.

We designed this course to help you build a kick-ass feedback culture in your teams. 🚀

In just 4 calls, spread out over 2 transformational week, we're going to do a deep dive into the world of feedback. This is no 'sit-and-listen' kind of course; you'll be actively involved, and you might even break a mental sweat! 💪

What we’ll cover

  • We’ll set the stage for what makes great feedback - spoiler alert! is much more effective when you seek it out proactively, and when it is directly tied to your own developmental goals

  • We’ll show you some specific methods you can use to structure your feedback, but more importantly we’ll illustrate the principles behind the method, so you can make it your own, instead of reading from a script

  • We’ll look into the human psychology of why you may get defensive when receiving feedback, and what you can do about it.

  • We'll explore our approaches to conflict and why we avoid difficult conversation. 

  • We’ll unpack how the stories we tell ourselves distort our perception, and how we can deconstruct those stories so our challengin conversations land better.

  • We'll share nervous system regulation practices you can use to centre yourself when things get edgy.

  • We’ll practise giving each other feedback, so you can feel more confident in your new skills when you go back to work. And yes, you will also get feedback on your feedback 🤯

You’ll leave this course with a deeper understanding of your own behavioural patterns; and actionable insights to foster a thriving feedback culture in your team.


🙌 A participatory context with interactive exercises. We will spend time in pairs, small groups and full group conversations.

🛠️ Practical tools and methods that you can bring to your team.

🤝 Peer Support so we can bounce ideas, share concerns, and help each other co-create solutions.

Who is this for? 

For anyone working in a collaborative team, who’s ready to step up their communication game. And if you’re a coach or a mentor, this course will show you how to bring out the best in your teams.

Your Guides

Natalia Lombardo 

Born in Argentina, now based in Europe. Her background is in community development, permaculture and creative activism. She has more than a decade of experience working in self-organising teams. As a facilitator, coach and consultant, she helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through behavioral change and peer-to-peer support. She is a co-founder of The Hum, and member of the Enspiral network.

What people say about our course:

“We left with a sense of optimism and also some concrete actions which have already improved conditions. The Hum course was really useful in thinking about how to create a better working environment that empowers colleagues to enact change. I cannot recommend highly enough.”  - Professor Celia Morgan, Head of Psychology, University of Exeter.

"The training from The Hum helped me to lower my barriers to give and receive feedback in a very short time. Now that giving and receiving feedback is not longer a big hurdle, I get to know better how my colleagues and I work, as persons and professionals" - Frank Lindner, campaign leader at Foodwatch


We will meet for 4x 90min calls on ZOOM, at 5:30-7pm CET on:

- Tuesday Nov 14th 

- Thursday Nov 16th

- Tuesday Nov 21st

- Thursday Nov 23rd

The calls will be recorded and shared with all participants the day after.


To make this workshop more accessible we have a tiered ticket price €180/ €220/ €260. We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your financial circumstances. 

We provide part and full scholarships for people working on social impact projects. If you would like to apply please fill in this form, and we will be in touch.

Building a Feedback Culture

4 Live Sessions, starting Nov 14, 5:00 PM UTC


Your Guides

Course Content


If you have any other questions, please get in touch. We’ll love to hear from you :)

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