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Healthy feedback is a fundamental requirement of any good team. It’s non-negotiable. 

If your team lacks open communication, small misunderstandings grow into escalating resentment, like a time-bomb of interpersonal tension. Trust is eroded by whispers and second-guessing. Gossip becomes the norm. Disengagement and low performance set the standard. And professional growth? Forget about it.

But when you have a healthy feedback culture, your team gains superpowers. Trust increases. Relationships deepen. Performance improves. Honest, open and considerate communication is the norm. Feedback is timely and focussed on supporting your growth. And everyone is supported to learn and grow.

In this course we’re going to show you how to create a healthy feedback culture in your team. We’ll start with you. By developing greater self-awareness, you will gain a better understanding of team dynamics, and you can let your colleagues know what style of communication works for you.

We’ll look under the surface, and make the unconscious conscious: understanding the deeper patterns of why we gossip, withhold direct feedback, or respond defensively, so you can intentionally design strategies to improve your communication culture.

Throughout this course, we’ll keep you focussed on your learning goals to improve feedback, and give you lots of practical ideas for what you can do about it.

This course will show you how to:

  • Define what a healthy feedback culture means for you. 

  • Understand how everyone’s cultural background influences their relationship to feedback & conflict.

  • Understand how your nervous system reacts to interpersonal tension. Find the self-regulation techniques you can use to stay within your zone of tolerance while venturing out of your comfort zone. 

  • Uncover your own patterns that make you defensive against receiving feedback, and design strategies to maintain your openness.

  • Learn methods for giving feedback effectively, keeping it specific & actionable, and tailored to the person receiving it. 

  • Understand your own typical approach to conflict & tension; learn to choose the right approach for the right situation. 

  • Learn how to prepare yourself for a difficult conversation.

  • Explore team practices to build a healthier feedback culture with your colleagues.

What’s included

This self-paced journey is spread across five modules, containing short videos (edited recordings of a live course), exercises, and personal reflection moments, to help you develop more self-awareness into your behaviours and patterns. From individual practices to team-level strategies, the course gives you a deep dive into the topic, to help you create a feedback-rich team culture, all at your own pace!

  • Short video-lectures, with full transcripts

  • Prompts for personal reflection

  • Downloadable guides for processes & practices you can use in your team

  • Homework exercises to try different feedback methods with your colleagues

  • Action planning canvas to define your own goals, milestones & actions

Building a Feedback Culture

Your Guides

Course Content


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