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In-House Training Workshops

We can support your team to develop a deeper capacity for collaboration. We offer a wide range of training workshops, which can be delivered online or in-person. Contact us to discuss any of these options.

Feedback Culture

If tensions build up… if trust is breaking down... if you’re dealing with awkward silences... if there’s backroom gossip going on and on... those are all signs that your interpersonal communication needs some attention. If you're done tiptoeing around the elephant in the room, then it’s time to build a Feedback Culture that works.

Collective Decision-Making

How to be effective and inclusive in decision-making? Can we be fast, and fair? Our answer: Absolutely! The problem is a common misconception: that team decisions are black or white. Either one leader dictates or the entire team deliberates until there’s unanimous agreement. We are here to challenge that myth.

In this workshop we will share with you how to use 4 different collaborative methods: We’ll distinguish Consensus from Consent, introduce the Advice Process, and discuss how to set up clear Mandates. We will show you to use them effectively, in which situations, and how to adjust them to match your context.

Skills for Conflict Mediation

Although conflicts are never going to completely disappear we can get better at addressing them together - and even start to enjoy them - with just a few basic conflict facilitation skills.


Developing your capacity to respond to conflict becomes a gift for everyone in the workplace when you can help your collaborators to:

  • Find reconnection and restoration after breaks in trust

  • Transform conflict into sources of learning and take mutually agreed upon positive actions

  • Develop trust, courage, creativity and depth for more cooperative and productive teamwork

  • Develop skills for healthy communication and collaboration

  • Build healthier work relationships to save time and energy in your workflows and function more effectively as an organisation

Rhythms For Effective Collaboration 

When everyone marches to a different drumbeat, you get chaos—not music. Collaboration is not about working harder, it’s about tuning your meeting rhythms to be more effective. In this course, we'll guide you through the 4 essential Collaboration Rhythms:


  • Connect: proactively build and maintain trust.

  • Plan: separate tactics from strategy. Align on the direction, and delegate the details.

  • Work: use Agile cycles and processes to distribute tasks, visualise work-in-progress, and create accountability.

  • Reflect: regular retrospectives for continuous learning and improvement.

Dynamic Roles

Explore how Dynamic Roles can help structure an organisation for more adaptability and resilience. Where individuals steward multiple roles that can change easily, rather than having fixed job descriptions. This approach enables individuals to become more accountable and boundaries more explicit. Roles-based working enables a more adult-to-adult culture and is a key pattern found in progressive organisations.


Based on elements of Sociocracy and Holacracy, it’s a simple way to think about what your organisation, teams and individuals need to do their best work. 

Contact us for more information about any of these workshops, or other training options.

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