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Organisational design is complex. There are so many factors to consider: both the “hard” structures like policies, procedures & management methodologies, and all the “soft” stuff: your culture, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics.

At The Hum we have more than a decade of experience in organisational design. We’ve distilled this experience into a simple lightweight framework that you can use to design the organising structure that’s right for you.

The essential concept you need to understand is a rhythms-focussed approach to collaboration. Rhythm is about when, why, who, and how you meet as a team. 

Rhythm creates a light and responsive structure that enables effective collaboration. 

Whether you’re building a new team, or you want to improve your teamwork in an existing group, we’ll show you how to establish the 4 essential rhythms of collaboration:

  • Connect Design moments of connection to proactively build, maintain & repair trust (especially critical for remote & hybrid teams). 

  • Plan Coordinate with repeated pulses of planning across the year to converge & align on direction, then diverge to engage the autonomy of your team. Delegate with the right level of detail and avoid micromanaging.

  • Work Prioritise what to work on, measure team capacity, visualise work in progress, clarify task ownership and enhance accountability.

  • Reflect Set a tempo of regular reflection, enabling continuous adaptation rather than crisis-driven change. Celebrate the wins and collectively find improvements to address points of tension or inefficiency.

Together, these 4 rhythms create a self-improving, participatory system, including all colleagues in the process of designing the organisation that’s right for you.

Through this self-paced course you will:

  • Learn the rhythm-focussed approach to organisational design.

  • Map your existing rhythms to understand where are the gaps and what improvements you can bring.

  • Explore case studies illustrating practical examples of how different teams set their own rhythms.

  • Learn specific practices & processes you can bring to your team.

  • Define your own goals & milestones so you can leave with a specific action plan to improve your team dynamics.

What’s included

  • Short video-lectures, with full transcripts

  • Prompts for personal reflection

  • Downloadable guides for processes & practices you can use in your team

  • Action canvas to plan the improvements you will bring to your team rhythms

Collaboration Rhythms: 4 Beats for Effective Teamwork

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