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How to Talk About Power at Work

One of the crucial questions a self-managing team must address is: how do we distribute power?

Everyone in a team will have different experiences of power: people have more or less confidence, reputation, status, and sense of empowerment. Generally the teams we work with are trying to create more equality, but we've never met a group where everyone had the same level of influence.

Before we can devise creative strategies for shifting the power dynamics, first we need to be able to talk about it! Talking about power can be difficult, it can bring up a lot of emotion, tension and grievances. In many groups, there is a taboo that prevents us talking about power. So it takes a lot of preparation and care to create a safe and productive container for a group to talk about their power dynamics.

If you're ready to break the taboo, we're happy to share with you this facilitator's step-by-step guide for opening the conversation about power. We hope it will give you the confidence to open this crucial conversation.

Power conversation_ Fishbowl
Download PDF • 201KB

It's not an easy conversation to have, but once the taboo is broken, then you can get on to the creative work of shifting how power operates in your team.

If you'd like to experience some of these concepts directly, join us on April 29th for a short workshop exploring Psychological Safety through the lens of Power & Privilege.


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