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Make Your Own Decision Protocol


The most mature self-organising teams use multiple decision-making methods, and they know how to switch from one method to the other depending on the type of decisions.

A decision-making protocol tells you what method to use for what type of decision. If you want to improve or create your team decision protocol, check out this step-by-step guide you can use with your team.

Let's Talk About Power


Everyone in a team will have different experiences of power: people have more or less confidence, reputation, status, and sense of empowerment. Before we can devise creative strategies for shifting the power dynamics, first we need to be able to talk about it!

If you're ready to break the taboo, we're happy to share with you this facilitator's step-by-step guide for opening the conversation about power. We hope it will give you the confidence to open this crucial conversation.

How Do We Want To Be Together?


"How do we want to be together?” is one of the most powerful questions you can bring to a group. This conversation will help the group bring the implicit norms (unwritten rules) out in the open, and agree together on the culture they want to create.

Follow this guide to facilitate your team conversation, uncover the needs of the group and co-create your norms.


Nati and Rich at TEDx Peniche 2019.

Nati and Rich's keynote presentation

at Intersection18 conference.