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Download our 6 favourite step-by-step guides for creating a humming team:


1. Make Your Own Decision Protocol

High-functioning teams can switch between different decision-making methods depending on the context. A decision-making protocol is an agreement about what method to use for what type of decision.

2. How Do We Want To Be Together?

This guided process will bring your implicit group norms (unwritten rules) out into the open, so you can ​​uncover the needs of the group and co-create your culture intentionally.


3. Let’s Talk About Power

The first step to creating healthy power dynamics in your team is to talk about it. Power can be a sensitive subject, so we’ve created this step-by-step guide for a facilitated conversation about your team power dynamics.

4. Mapping Roles/Tasks & Accountability

This is a team process that will help you look at the current roles/projects and task distribution, set success goals, and help you think about what accountability means for each.

5. Tasks Marketplace

Space for team members to reflect on their roles and desires for development and growth. Encourage role collaboration and/or reallocation of tasks across the team.

6. Straighten Out Your Comms Tool 

Most teams struggle with having too many tools than no one really knows what they are for; information is spread all over multiple channels, and yet no one can find what they need... Don't despair, we got a guide to help you solve this dilema.

Nati and Rich at TEDx Peniche 2019.

They talked about complex systems, chaos and coherence, methodologies rather than mission statements, trust, polarisation and harmonisation.

We talk about personal shifts, ‘trojan horse’ radical practices, and ideas for moving from a domination society to a partnership society.

Nati and Rich's keynote presentation

at Intersection18 conference.


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Our Collaboration Clinic video series:

In this series Nati Lombardo from our team, gives free advice for teams trying to work in a more collaborative and self-organised way.

If you will like to participate in this series you can book your call here.

In this Episode Nati talks with Mary Quandt about collaborative decision making, building an open & honest team culture, and bringing change through experimentation in a safe container.

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