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Online Course: Patterns for
Self-organising Teams

Learn Together

Activate your team’s shared purpose by learning to collaborate together better. Learn how to shift to a collaborative culture that embraces collective intelligence and autonomy. You will find practical guidance on how your team can share leadership, distribute decision-making, stay aligned on priorities, deal with conflict, and create a thriving culture that cares for everyone.

Course Details

You can access the content at any time from our learning platform. You get:

  • 23 video lessons explaining how to respond to the most pressing challenges of decentralised organising.

  • 30 Exercises & practices you can use to integrate the lessons in your organisation.

  • 45 links to curated resources & case studies for you to dive deep into the topics.

  • Unlimited access so you can review the lessons any time.

Your team can follow the content on your own, or get our advice and support.

Want to get a head start in understanding the main challenges that your team is facing?  Check out our free team self-assessment to focus your learning journey today.​

Talk to us to get started

  • Start with just 4 team members

  • 6 weeks average completion time

  • Combination of self-paced + professional guidance & support

  • Crafted to meet your organisational needs​

​Please feel free to reach out, we’re here to help. The most amazing transformation can start with nothing more than a simple conversation.

Course Content

Our full course material includes video lessons + case studies + exercises to integrate the lessons + team practices & links to curated resources for your team to go deeper on each topic.

Why take our course?

Lived Experience

The lessons we share come from our direct experience working in radically decentralised organisations since 2011.  We’ve supported thousands of people in training workshops in 20+ countries.

Distilled Expertise

We developed the “patterns” to respond to the recurring challenges that emerge in all decentralised teams. Our course materials distill many complex ideas into simple, digestible concepts and practices.

Adapted to You

Learn how to experiment and iteratively improve your ways of working. We’ll show you how to foster a culture of continuous improvement so you can find the organisational structure that is right for you.

If you have any unanswered questions, fill in our contact form or email

Power Dynamics

Understand how to navigate the complex status dynamics that emerge in all groups

Continuous Improvement

Get the habit of consistent & intentional learning in individuals and teams

Rhythms & Priorities

Stay aligned on priorities and distribute tasks between team members

Mutual Care & Growth

Create a psychologically safe culture where everyone feels cared for

Conflict & Feedback

Develop interpersonal skills to be more confident to hold difficult conversations

Decision Making

Access collective intelligence with efficient methods for inclusive decision-making

Learning Outcomes

Choose your journey

These options can be customised to suit your needs, get in touch to discuss options.

Follow At Your Own Pace

Access the content at any time and follow it at your own pace.


For example: your team could complete the course in 6 weeks with a weekly schedule of 1 hour of solo work for the course material plus 1 hour in a team conversation to apply the lessons to your context.

€280 per person

Learn With Our Support

Get our personalised support.


As your team works through the course, we'll have a sequence of videocalls with you to answer specific questions, facilitate group practices, and give advice on your challenges.


Indicative price: 
online content + 6 calls with us.


€4,450 (for a team of 15)

Improvement Program

We start by surveying your team so we can design a custom learning journey for the whole team.

After the training, we’ll spend 3 to 6 months supporting an “Improvement Team” who will ensure the lessons from the course are embedded into the day-to-day work of the organisation. 

Contact Us

What people say about us

Irem Tumer


"The training was the perfect way to equip our team with tools to overcome challenges of organizing in a decentralised and value-driven way. Rich and Nati guided the journey with commitment and positivity at every step and we supported us with their vast experience and knowledge. The atmosphere of safety and trust they created was inspiring and set the tone for our follow-up plans."

Sean Andrew

Forum for the Future

Nicola Round

Adfree Cities

“Participating in The Hum's course brought home and demystified questions of what new forms of governance and organising for change can look and feel like. Their way of grounding theory into practice through simple and clear language, applied learning opportunities and sharing examples from the field encouraged me to try new things out in my own organisational context." 


"I have come away from the course understanding that deciding to have a flat structure was just the first step for us. There is a lot of work to be done to build the structures and processes that we need to thrive. The Hum has given us the tools and the inspiration to help us on this journey. I feel much more confident about trying new ways of organising."

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