Microsolidarity Practice Week

5-day learning program

Option 1: May 11-15 @ 6pm CEST

 Option 2: June 8-12 @ 9am CEST

Microsolidarity is a methodology for peer-to-peer support that helps people to grow together. Join us for this Practice Week if you want...

  • to develop a work culture where people care about each other's wellbeing and growth

  • to cultivate deeper connections and more collaboration within a network

  • to initiate more learning, mutual aid, and a sense of belonging within your community

Microsolidarity is a lens for thinking about groups at different scales:

  1. At the larger scale is the “congregation” — this could be your organisation, network or community.

  2. The “crew” is a small group of 3-6 people who support each other in their personal or professional development. 

  3. The “dyad” is the smallest scale: the relationship between two people.

In this 5-day learning program,  you'll join us each day for a 90-minute group call to learn and practice together. We will explain the core concepts for each of the 3 levels, and then we'll experiment with relational practices at the scale of dyads and crews.

Plus there is a discussion forum which is a space where we'll share additional resources & recordings from each call, and you can connect with the other learners



Monday: Introductions

Intro to core concepts, connect with other learners, practice communication techniques in pairs and small groups.

Tuesday: Authentic Relating
Going deeper with relational practices; developing a feeling of safety for more vulnerability and intimacy.

Wednesday: Crews
Different formats for crews (e.g. learning groups, emotional support, professional development); practice one crew methodology in small groups.

Thursday: Congregating
How we initiated a self-organising network of crews at Enspiral; Minimum Viable Structure for congregations; how we host gatherings (face to face & online).


Friday: Reflection & learning
How to get into the habit of continuous improvement with “retrospective” practice. Closure & next steps.



  • All calls are 90 minutes.

  • Sessions will be recorded so it is okay if you can't make it to all five calls.

  • If you can’t attend these dates but you’re interested, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of future programs.

  • As this is our first Microsolidarity program we’re offering it at a reduced price -- we’re all learning together! We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your circumstances.

  • Learn more about Microsolidarity here.

  • For any other questions please get in touch.


Option 1: May 11 to 15th @ 6pm Rome
(5pm London, 12pm NYC, 9am SF)


Option 2: June 8 to 12th @ 9am Rome

(7pm Auckland, 3pm Taipei, 5pm Sydney)