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Productivity Tools & Practices for Individuals

Time & Location

17 Jun 2021, 18:00 – 20:00 CEST


About the event

Managing yourself in a self managed organization

A self-managed organization relies on its team members to be self-organizing - everybody needs to be in charge of their own time and projects. But for most of us growing up, our school assignments were mostly handed to us by an authority figure, and most jobs are a continuation of the same thing except now it’s our boss telling us what to do. So is it any wonder that many of us struggle when we become the boss of our own time?

Self-managed organizations need easy-to-implement tools and patterns that keep things running smoothly without formal hierarchy and management. And individual team members need supportive tools and patterns to manage themselves and get their work done.

In this interactive workshop we will look at tools and techniques to better manage your time, tasks, and most importantly taking care of yourself.  By using cycles of intention setting and reflection you’ll develop patterns of time management, taming your to-do lists, and personal accountability. We will examine methods of iterative self improvement through setting small goals and achieving personal mastery with personal retrospectives. Finally we will explore tools to self regulate through identifying what we need to thrive, how to stay in our zone of growth, and building personal rituals for showing up as our best selves.

Expect a two hour session with interactive aspects, group sharing, and a few adaptable tools to support your growth into a self directed all star.

Learning Objectives

Cycles of intentions, creation, and reflection:

  • Kanban, or how to make your to-do list manageable
  • Deciding what to work on (Eisenhower matrix)
  • Personal accountability

Iterative self improvement:

  • Small goals
  • Personal Mastery
  • Personal retrospectives

Self regulation:

  • Comfort, stretch, panic zones
  • What you need to thrive - Self Care Labor (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Demystifying ritual (personal rhythms)

The idea here is to give patterns that can be adapted into systems that work for the individual. These patterns will map onto larger group patterns, for example personal retrospectives will flow with team retrospectives, cycles of intention setting and reflection will map to team tools such as Trello or Asana, patterns for self regulation and self care will map to setting boundaries within a team and care work within organizations.

About the Host

Drew Hornbein is an activist entrepreneur who believes that by remembering more equitable, democratic ways of working together we can solve the crisis of our time. He has worked within activist movements, mutual aid groups responding to disaster, income-sharing communes, radical self-directed K-12 schools, cooperatives, and non-profits as a participant, facilitator, and technologist.


We meet for 2 hours, on Zoom, at 6pm CET June 17th. You can check your local timezone here. To make the workshop more accessible we have a tiered ticket price from €50 to €90. We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your circumstances.


  • Higher income

    This ticket is intended for you if your organisation is paying and/or if you earn more more than a living wage in Europe (€23,000/yr)

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  • Standard ticket

    This ticket is intended for people who earn the equivalent a living wage in Europe (approx €23,000/yr)

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  • Lower income

    This ticket is intended for people who earn less than the equivalent of a living wage in Europe (less than €23,000/yr)

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