Who we are

 Natalia Lombardo

Born in Argentina, she travelled the world learning about community development through  permaculture and creative activism. 

She is a Member of Enspiral & Loomio. Founder of the Newtown Tool Library.

She helps groups to cultivate a nourishing collaborative culture through values-driven behavioral change and relationships of
peer-to-peer support.


Richard D. Bartlett

He's enthusiastic about
co-ownership, self-governance
and building relationships of partnership instead of domination to create collaborative workplaces.

Cofounder of Loomio and Director of the Enspiral Foundation.

He has a unique way of seeing patterns and speaking about complexity in simple words.

Read his articles or hear his interviews at: richdecibels.com

rich floral portrait cropped and brighte

Esra Tat

Passionate about how humans collaborate and convinced that collective work creates good.

She has extensive experience working with NGOs and movements. She helps groups implement open governance and collaborative approaches.

Currently she is the Associate Director of Zero Waste Europe. An an active contributor of Enspiral and an Alumni OuiShare Connector.

Enspiral is a network with a global reputation for being at the forefront of decentralised organising.

Loomio is a software for collaborative decision making, built by a social enterprise cooperative.