Practical Guidance for

Decentralised Organisations

At The Hum​ we provide consulting, training and advice to a huge diversity of groups all around the world. What they all have in common is a desire to organise in a self-managed way, with less hierarchy and more collaboration.


Teal organisations, cooperatives, Agile teams, innovation units, startups,

grassroots community groups,

flat NGOs…


If you’re trying to grow shared leadership, decentralised decision-making, mutual accountability, and a culture of trust & care, we can guide you.


We believe that your organisational structure must be custom-fit to the specific needs and objectives of the people that work in it.


We will support you to build a working environment that feels deeply nourishing, hugely productive and resilient.

We share our knowledge in participatory events created to be engaging and inspiring.

You'll leave our workshops with new understanding, deeper connections, and most importantly, practical actions to improve your collaboration.

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To produce a thriving collaborative culture, there’s no substitute for spending time together.


Let us host your next team retreat, gathering, or away day so you can reconnect to your shared purpose, go deep on your organisational challenges, and invest in your relationships.

Coach, consultant, mentor, advisor...

think of us as an experienced friend that can bring new insights into your team dynamics.


We’re a thinking partner for your organisational challenges. We can help you get unstuck and support you on your learning journey, one-on-one, or with

your whole team.

"From this workshop I could see how my past adventures with non-hierarchical groups had fallen apart.


I imagine that everyone in the room was experiencing a similar revelation; the uncovering of something known but unnamed, the implicit patterns that are present in every group of humans, which so often are never identified, seemed here to be explicit, finally."

Drew Hornbein - Good Good Work

"After they hosted a Retreat with our busy team of volunteers who are normally distributed around the country, we left feeling a sense of unity for the first time in at least a couple of years.

Nati and Rich have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. They managed to give us enough of everything we needed the most – a safe space for going deep on organisational challenges, revisiting our core purpose, and practical tools for improving communication and team culture.

Not only are these two excellent facilitators, but they are also very well-practiced at caring for people! We felt very well looked after the entire time."

Rosalee Jenkin – Generation Zero

"I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU out to Rich and Nati for delivering such a well planned and designed workshop with such timely content.


The more effective we can make decentralised teams the more positive change we will be able to deliver.


I highly recommend their future workshops to others, which I am sure will inspire anyone that attends."

Oliver Sylvester-Bradley -

Open Coop


For the last 3 yeas we've been touring the world, from Oceania to Europe, South East Asia to North and South America.


If you you want to bring us to your area to work with your team or run a public event, get in touch with us!

Public Workshops

We are currently touring through Europe running public workshops based on our Patterns for Decentralised Organising.


The Hum is Richard D. Bartlett and Nati Lombardo: co-founders and co-owners of Loomio, a tech coop and social enterprise.

​​We’re part of Enspiral, the network with a global reputation for being at the forefront of decentralised organising.

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We share everything we learn.

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Nati and Rich's

keynote presentation

at Intersection18