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practical guidance for
self-organising teams.

If you are trying to organise in a collaborative team, you may be asking yourself:

  • “How do we include people in decisions without spending so much time in meetings?”

  • “How do we set priorities, distribute tasks and stay aligned on shared goals?”

  • “If we don’t have managers, how do we get feedback, resolve conflict and stay accountable?”

You are not alone! We’ve faced these dilemmas in our own decentralised organisations, and we can help you get unstuck.

What we offer

Online courses

We'll show you how to create

self-organising teams that are highly effective, non-hierarchical and nourishing to work in. 

You can learn on your own time,

join one of our guided programs,

or learn with your team. 


Practical advice

We’re a thinking partner for your organisational challenges.

We can help you get unstuck and support you on your learning journey, one-on-one, or with your whole team.


Who we are

We’ve established our own self-governing workplaces, and shared our knowledge with thousands of people in training workshops in 20+ countries around the world.

We’re members of Enspiral & Ouishare, two global networks who have been pushing the edge of collaborative work.

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Our approach

Every organisation is unique, so we don’t have a “one size fits all” blueprint for you to copy. We believe that your organisational structure must be custom-fit to your local context, considering the specific needs, aspirations and values of the people you work with. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to start from scratch either. In our work with hundreds of decentralised organisations around the world, we have noticed that there are common elements, recurring challenges that every group faces. We call them “patterns”. Each pattern is a lens that reveals new insights into your workplace challenges, and practical solutions that help you get unstuck. 

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What people say about us

"This was the perfect way to equip our team with tools to overcome challenges of organizing in a decentralised and value-driven way.

Rich and Nati guided the journey with commitment and positivity at every step and supported us with their vast experience and knowledge. The atmosphere of safety and trust they created was inspiring and set the tone for our follow-up plans."

Irem Tumer, United Nations Population Fund