We provide in-house trainings and public participatory events based on our

Patterns for Decentralised Organising.


  • Our knowledge is rooted in our lived experience in organisations at the forefront of collaborative work practice.


  • We bring examples from different groups around the world, as well as research from academic studies.

  • We host participatory learning exercises to reflect on how these lessons apply in your group context.


  • We don’t arrive with predetermined solutions, instead we facilitate conversations for people to co-design solutions that are right for them.


 In our experience, this is the most effective way to engage people in organisational change and committing together to improve the group culture and structure.

​If you want us to work privately with your team, or you want to sponsor

a public event for your community, read about our options below.​


from 2 hours to a full day

We start with an introduction to decentralised organising, and then focus on the specific Patterns that are most relevant to your organisation. For example: decision-making methods, digital collaboration tools, team communication, or power dynamics.

These sessions are great for teams short on time and budget, but wanting to go deeper into one of their challenges.


2 or 3 days

In the Masterclass we cover all 10 Patterns for Decentralised Organising, considering all the components that support a thriving collaborative workplace.

We bring engaging content, participatory exercises and facilitate co-design sessions to help you move forward on your organisational challenges.

Improvement Program

Longer learning journey

We survey your team challenges and tailor our training content to your group specific needs. 


We will host co-creation sessions and support you through the process of designing and implementing organisational improvements.

If you are interested in our public trainings, check out the events page.


These prices are for trainings with 12 to 30 participants, hosted by 2 facilitators.

For smaller teams, or larger organisations, get in touch to discuss options.

* We're motivated by positive social impact, therefore the pricing will change depending on the budget and social mission of your organisation.
For example, the lower end prices will be for groups like small NGOs with reduced budget; larger organisations and profitable companies would pay the standard rate.


You can buy a workshop for your team, sponsor a free public event, or pay for a public workshop and sell tickets to recover your costs. Talk to us to discuss your options.