Patterns for Decentralised Organising

Each pattern is a lens that reveals new insights into your workplace challenges, and practical solutions that help you get unstuck. 

  • Decision Making: new methods for efficient collective decision-making (mandate, advice, consent, consensus); face-to-face & online. 

  • Conflict & Feedback: mindsets, skills & practices to transform conflict into a source of growth. 

  • Retrospectives: access collective intelligence and continuous improvement through regular structured reflection.

  • Information Rhythms: use rhythms to lift transparency and cut information overload; adaptive strategy.

  • Power Dynamics: have safe discussions about healthy & toxic power dynamics.

  • Digital Tools: visualise your current tools, find the gaps, clarify which tool is for which job. Make better use of digital tools for remote work. Introduce new tools well.

  • Roles & Accountability: task allocation, role definition, engagement and commitment.

  • Money: understand people’s money hang-ups. Transparent and participatory finances.

  • Growth Culture: developing our emotional and relational intelligence. Eg, self-awareness, and communication skills for difficult conversations.

  • Mutual Care: develop a psychologically safe environment. Share the load of emotional and care work.