Patterns for Decentralised Organising

We believe that your organisational structure must be custom-fit to your local context, considering the specific needs and objectives of the people you work with. We don’t have a blueprint or recipe that you can cut-and-paste onto your organisation.


Instead, we offer patterns.


These are lenses that reveal new insights into your organisational challenges. We share practical solutions that we’ve tried on ourselves, and collaborative practices we’ve curated from other decentralised teams.


We prioritise culture and relationships ahead of tools and processes.


In brief terms, these are the main lessons we cover:


  • Retrospectives: access collective intelligence and continuous improvement through regular structured reflection.

  • Stakeholders + Roles: task allocation, role definition, accountability and engagement across different levels of commitment.

  • Decision Making: new methods for efficient collective decision-making: mandate, advice, consent, consensus. Online decision making.

  • Digital Tools: visualise your current tools, find the gaps, clarify which tool is for which job. Improve meetings with better use of digital tools. Introduce new tools well.

  • Information Rhythms: use rhythms to lift transparency and cut information overload; adaptive strategy.

  • Money: understand people’s money hang-ups. Transparent and participatory finances.

  • Personal + Interpersonal: developing our emotional and relational intelligence. Eg, self-awareness, feedback, and communication skills for difficult conversations.

  • Mutual Care: develop a psychologically safe environment. Share the load of emotional and care work.

  • Conflict + Norms: mindsets, skills & practices to transform conflict into a source of growth.

  • Power: have safe discussions about healthy & toxic power dynamics.