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Microsolidarity Gathering
Belgium 2022

Microsolidarity is both a methodology for community building and a network of community builders. We invite you to join the first ever Microsolidarity network gathering for one week in May 2022, near Ghent, Belgium.


Our professional facilitator/trainers will bring practices that support all of the scales of microsolidarity:

  • Self: emotional intelligence, self awareness, Internal Family Systems

  • Dyad: communicating authentically & empathically, feelings & needs, consent & boundaries, active listening

  • Crew: peer-coaching, decision-making, facilitating conflict, rank & power, shared economy

  • Congregation: community design for self-organisation, decentralised leadership, onboarding & engagement, collective learning 


We use a practice-driven learning methodology. That means minimal lecture time, maximum participation. We’ll share videos and articles to review before our time together, so there’s plenty of “theory” for you to explore if you wish.


We’ll also set aside space for a participant-created agenda so you can explore whatever topics are most interesting to you. This could be skill-sharing workshops, discussions, games, free time, or whatever you want to do. You decide what you want to offer and explore. 



Microsolidarity is a framework that supports small, high-trust communities – spaces where people feel they belong. The main activity is mutual support: people giving and receiving encouragement in their own development. Microsolidarity communities start with a kind of emotional intimacy (authentic, supportive relationships) and some of them graduate into economic intimacy (sharing money or resources).


This gathering is an opportunity to learn a lot of practical skills, find deep personal insights, and connect with a truly inspiring community.



We’ll stay at the Drongen Abbey, which is a 5-minute train out of Ghent, or 1 hour out of Brussels (map).


The Abbey provides delicious vegetarian meals and beautiful natural surroundings; it’s an exceptional place for contemplation, rest & renewal. You’ll have your own private bedroom & bathroom so you can take a break from all the social activity.


We chose this location because it has great access by public transit, so please consider taking the train instead of flying.


You can read more about the venue on their website.



We meet for the week of May 9th. We’ll officially open on the late afternoon of Monday, May 9th and close early on Sunday, May 15th, so you can travel on those days. We ask you to come for the whole week; it is okay if you need to leave early but we won’t be able to accept people arriving later than Monday.

Join us

Spaces are strictly limited, so we strongly recommend you register early to avoid disappointment. 


👉 Register your interest and we’ll notify you as soon as ticket sales are live.

We’ll offer tickets on a sliding scale, meaning people with higher income pay a bit more to make it affordable for people with lower incomes. You’ll be able to choose the ticket price that matches your economic situation.


We have not finalised costs yet, but to give you an indication, we expect the prices will be approximately:

  • €1500 for a standard ticket, including the trainers’ fees plus accommodation & food for the week

  • €1900 for people with higher income, or tickets paid by organisations

  • €900 for people with lower income


We hope to be able to offer scholarships so that money is not a barrier for people participating. Please let us know if you can suggest possible sponsors for this.



This page is a work in progress. Please ask questions and we’ll add more information. You can email or send a tweet to @richdecibels.