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Foundational course: 
Navigating Conflict at Work

2 weeks | 23rd May - 1st June

Tuesdays & Thursdays 17:30-19:00 CET | Zoom

Conflict is a natural part of any social system, but suppressed or poorly-handled conflict can be one of the most debilitating and financially costly challenges an organisation or a team can face. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Well-navigated conflict can be remarkably generative, supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in profound leaps in development, creativity, and insight.

This course is for anyone interested in becoming more capable of navigating conflict in a work setting, regardless of their role. No previous experience with conflict resolution required.

Your Guide

He is passionate about supporting people and groups to thrive, fulfil their highest potential, and contribute to the well-being of all life. Specialising in conflict facilitation, inner development, and culture building, he has over 25 years experience facilitating personal and collective transformation worldwide, with clients ranging from non-profits and ecovillages, to corporations, universities, and governments.


Karl is a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, and a trained practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy, Process Work, mediation and restorative justice. He is also the founder of the Cultural Catalyst Network, a global network of change-makers integrating inner, interpersonal, and systemic transformation. 

Karl Steyaert MS, MA

What people say about us

Irem Tumer


"The training was the perfect way to equip our team with tools to overcome challenges of organizing in a decentralised and value-driven way. Rich and Nati guided the journey with commitment and positivity at every step and we supported us with their vast experience and knowledge. The atmosphere of safety and trust they created was inspiring and set the tone for our follow-up plans."

Sean Andrew

Forum for the Future

Nicola Round

Adfree Cities

“Participating in The Hum's course brought home and demystified questions of what new forms of governance and organising for change can look and feel like. Their way of grounding theory into practice through simple and clear language, applied learning opportunities and sharing examples from the field encouraged me to try new things out in my own organisational context." 


"I have come away from the course understanding that deciding to have a flat structure was just the first step for us. There is a lot of work to be done to build the structures and processes that we need to thrive. The Hum has given us the tools and the inspiration to help us on this journey. I feel much more confident about trying new ways of organising."

Book your place

To make this workshop more accessible we have a tiered ticket price €140/ €190/ €240.
We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your financial circumstances.

What you will learn

This hands-on course will offer fundamental frameworks and skill building for consciously navigating conflict, as well as offering design principles for creating a conflict facilitation system customised for your organisational context. 

You will leave this course with:

  • A menu of strategies for responding to various scales of interpersonal tension and conflict

  • Design principles for creating a conflict facilitation system customised for your organisation

  • Proven methods for staying grounded and open-hearted in the face of conflict

  • Ways to listen and speak to others that de-escalate tensions and build trust

  • Essential practices for third-party mediating conflict at work

The Hum training methodology

Our training method combines four elements:


  • Our knowledge is rooted in our lived experience in our own organisations at the forefront of collaborative work practice.

  • Our trainings are interactive and participatory.

  • We create them with different learning styles in mind. 

  • We bring trauma informed practices and healing centred approaches.

Book your place

To make this workshop more accessible we have a tiered ticket price €140/ €190/ €240.

We have limited availability, please choose the ticket price according to your financial circumstances.

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