Enspiral Org Academy


September 5-8th 2019, BELGIUM

You are invited to a 4-day residential training to dive deep into decentralised organisation.

An immersive practical training in decentralised organising, self-managing teams and distributed governance.

Enspiral has been at the forefront of organisational experimentation for a decade. This year, we published Better Work Together, a collection of real stories from the future of work. Now we invite you to the Enspiral Org Academy, a unique opportunity to put these ideas into practice.

Expand your thinking

with fresh ideas for a different kind of workplace.

Grow your capacity to lead

and innovate with new practices to adopt.

Learn useful processes

and tools you can bring back to your team.

Who is EOA 2019 for?

The Enspiral Org Academy is for people who are already working in non-hierarchical environments, or just starting their journey into self-management. You might be a founder, coach, manager, organisational designer, or community builder.

How can we build organisations that are full

of inspired, engaged people ready to lead?

How do we create radically collaborative,

caring workplaces where people thrive?

If you are asking these questions and ready to take the step into practice,

these are your people.

What you can expect

  • An intimate space where you will be supported to pause & reflect, but also encouraged to stretch yourself to your learning edge.

  • Lived, practical experience of non-hierarchical ways of working alongside experienced practitioners who can help you tweak and troubleshoot challenges.

  • A toolkit of methodologies and practices to take back into your working context with an understanding of underlying patterns and how to shift them.

  • Knowledge from research and case studies of other organisations experimenting with radical forms of management and work culture.

  • A unique opportunity to hear from the many organisational experiments we’ve implemented at Enspiral; we’ll share the highs as well as the lows.

  • Deep new connections with brilliant inspiring people aligned in work and purpose.

What will we cover?

We’ve prepared a selection of facilitated training sessions to share what we’ve learned about some of the most difficult challenges of collaborative organisation:

 Decision-making: protocols and practices for making quick, inclusive decisions 


growing trust & psychological safety; developing relational skills​


new paradigm mindsets; designing orgs for wellbeing and development​


identifying group power dynamics to move beyond hidden hierarchies​


distributing work; accountability practices; balancing alignment & autonomy



co-budgeting; and the psychology

of financial collaboration

... and more

Are you ready to join us?


To create an intimate event we have limited the capacity to 30 people. 

Update: WE ARE SOLD OUT ...

When and where is it?

You’ll arrive in time for a 4.30pm start on Thursday September 5th, and finish after lunch on Sunday 8th.

We will be staying together at Drongen Abbey. People have been gathering at this peaceful spot for more than 1100 years. It's an ancient site of reflection and shared learning, surrounded by 10 hectares of park and river.

Hosted by Enspiral members
Bringing years of lived experience in new ways of working.

Phoebe Tickell

Distributed governance nerd and organisational designer. Coordinator at DGOV Foundation.


She straddles the worlds of technology, organisations and people to design systems that self-organise. She enjoys turning the theoretical into practice. She loves helping teams be bigger than the sum of their parts.

Natalia Lombardo

Founder of the Newtown Tool Library. Co-owner of Loomio. Co-founder and Collaboration Coach at The Hum.


She helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through values-driven behavioural change. Her focus is the self  in self-organising, how to thrive as individuals in the collaborative future of work.

Ants Cabraal

Part of the Greater Than team. A creative producer, writer and business owner who has helped many Enspiral initiatives start and grow since 2012.


He serves as a director and advisor to several startups, and loves to get new ideas off the ground - including driving the creation of the Better Work Together book.

Richard D. Bartlett


Co-founder and Org Designer at The Hum. One of the co-founders of Loomio, a co-operative social enterprise building tools for collective decision-making.

He's passionate about co-ownership, self-management, collaborative governance, and other ways of sneaking anarchism into respectable places.

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