Communication & Conflict in
Decentralised Teams

April 6th.   10am - 1pm. Newspeak House LONDON

In this half-day training, we will focus on the foundation of every collaborative team: how to communicate effectively and deal with conflict in a productive way.


We’ll look at the appropriate use of digital communication tools, understanding how different tools suit different jobs. We’ll examine typical reactions to conflict, and how to choose the right response when conflict arises. We’ll explore how to give good feedback and improve your listening skills.

You’ll leave with processes your team can use to address conflict, and practice the skills that will make you a more effective communicator.

Who is this for

Ideal for groups working with less hierarchy and more collaboration: cooperatives, self-managing teams, startups, Teal organisations, Agile squads, innovation units, flat NGOs… if you’re growing a participatory culture of shared leadership and mutual accountability, this training is for you.


Training Methodology

  • Our knowledge is rooted in our lived experience in our own organisations at the forefront of collaborative work practice.

  • We bring examples from different groups around the world, as well as research from academic studies.

  • We host participatory learning exercises for participants to reflect on how these lessons apply in their group context.


Decentralised Decision-Making

We’re running another workshop on April 3rd, looking at Decentralised Decision-Making: check it out here.


About us

The Hum is Nati Lombardo and Richard Bartlett. We have been immersed in decentralised organisations since 2011, playing co-leadership roles in the Loomio tech co-op and the Enspiral network of social enterprises.


For the past 3 years, we’ve been travelling the world sharing our experiences, and learning with others about non-hierarchical management.


We’ve worked in 17 countries, with a huge diversity of organisations across all sectors.


This training is even more effective when multiple people from the same team can join. If you have 3 or more people coming together, contact us for a group discount.


Coffee & snacks provided. Wheelchair accessible venue.


Contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help: