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Collaboration Rhythms

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Picture a band. The drummer, guitarist, and vocalist—everyone brings their unique skill to the table. But for the magic to happen, they need to sync their rhythms. Self-led teams are no different. They're full of talent, but when everyone marches to a different drumbeat, you get chaos—not music. If your team is out of sync you may be experiencing: - Slow decision-making processes that crush your initiative. - Tedious meetings that you would rather avoid. - Constant change without an overarching sense of direction. - Misunderstandings about who is responsible for what. - Making mistakes without learning the lessons. - Information overload, swamped with emails & notifications on all channels. - Mistrust, gossip, arguments and office politics. Guess what? collaboration is not about working harder, it’s about tuning your meeting rhythms to be more effective. In this course, we'll guide you through the 4 essential Collaboration Rhythms: - Connect 🤝: proactively build and maintain trust. - Plan 🗓️: separate tactics from strategy. Align on the direction, and delegate the details. - Work 🛠️: use Agile cycles and processes to distribute tasks, visualise work-in-progress, and create accountability. - Reflect 🤔: regular retrospectives for continuous learning and improvement. What You'll Get: - Video lessons on the 4 rhythms - Exercises, practices and guides to try with your team - Extra resources to go deeper on the topic

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